The True Story of Pink Lake,,


This is a story of the Pink Lake in Senegal, and the Harvesters of a high quality Salt that work and make a living there! Lake Retba (also known as ‘Rose Lake’) is the famously pink lake in Senegal, just 20 minutes drive from the Dakar Airport. It is a beautiful tourism destination and a shocking pink sensation. The pink color is caused by a harmless algae that has a more or less intense color depending on the seasons. But beyond the tourism, the lake is also the source of a very high quality salt used in the popular National dish of Senegal ‘Thieboudienne (which means ‘fish with rice’ in the Wolof language). There are about 600 people working and making a living harvesting 60,000 tons of richly Iodized salt from the lake every year. I don’t think we can call it ‘sea salt’ since it is not from the actual ocean, so I will call it the ‘un-sea salt’ :) The salt harvesters have to wear raw shea butter to protect their skin while in the water. The raw African shea butter is an entire “Ancient Africa Botanical Science” talk show of healing benefits for the skin, but lets talk about this salt. The Mountains of salt (see pics) take up to 2 months exposure sitting in the sun to dry as it turns white and powdery when ready. It is then taken thru a delicate packaging process for shipping and export. I do not know if this salt is being exported outside of Senegal, but This is obviously the “National Salt of Senegal” :) Here is a link to an amazing mini-documentary about the ‘Lake Retba’ Salt Harvest :) They are speaking in Wolof so watch the captions to overstand what is being said. Get ya popcorn and enjoy this story, and make this a beautiful day everyone! If anyone in the has tasted this salt.

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