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Efisiworld Entertainment Enterprise. The company is registered as an entertainment/Marketing company which deals with entertainment/Marketing in general such as Show business, Event Managing, Advertisements, Marketing/Sales Promotion, General Merchandise and trading. As we abide within the rules and regulations of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
are of talented and brain ambassador, we can boast of seasoned and experienced professionals on ground, ably supervised by a receptionist Psychologist and an associate member of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (Chartered).
Entrepreneurship is key to achieving business success. We continuously seek out business opportunities and respond appropriately to change in our environment. We develop and apply new business methods and practices to retain our market leadership position.
Key components of this dimension are:
Innovation: We developed new methods and solutions, which add value to our stakeholders and are willing to question and shake up the status quo, changing out of date methods and structures.
Flexibility: we are alert to change and move fast and decisively.
Responsiveness: we continuously monitor our stakeholders expectations and take utmost to meet them.
we thrive in being leaders in our business, in our market and in our community. To sustain our leadership position we must focus on;
Continuous improvement: we continue to improve our performance and the value received by stakeholders there-from. We recognize that we must answer for the quality of our area of responsibility.
Partnership: we maintain a relationship with our business associate, characterized by mutual cooperation, responsibility and a win-win attitude.
Professionalism: we believe that every task should be performed in a superior manner and to the best of our ability.
Because we exit to serve and satisfy our customers, our staffs work together to enhance the quality of our customers experience. Therefore, our customer service orientation reflect as follows;
Intimacy. We always Build endurance and mutually rewarding relationships with our customers and each other in the Company
Integrity. in our services we make Trustworthiness, Fairness, Honesty to reflect to our   customers.
Learning. We continually develop the knowledge of our business and our customers, inventory
such knowledge and thereby develop expertise of everyone within our company.

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