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Enjoy your Easter with **T.L.P** [The Last Prayer]remix. by Flow

TLP by Flow image4

Flow’s real name is Florence Nkiruka Okwuba and she is a native of Anambra State, Nanka. She was born and bred in Lagos where she completed her primary school and secondary school. She left Lagos for Ibadan in year 2000 to further her education and She is a graduate of Computer Science H.N.D. She dances, sings ,Acts and plays the guitar and bit of keyboard. Flow believes in directly impacting lives through her gifts and skills.

She has pioneered two groups, David Dancers in 2009 (in Sokoto during her service year) and also formed The Shabach Crew from 2011 which exit till present. Obviously, besides dance, she also ministers through songs and She gets her inspiration to write through the word of God and sometimes she testifies to hearing the Angels sing. Flow is here to stay with her unique way of singing to God and impacting lives through the gifts He bestowed on her.

**T.L.P [The_last_Prayer] remix will be posted for free download and listening for your enjoyment before Easter day. Jesus is Lord!!!

   @flow_mightygod    …T.L.P coming SOON…


[Event] Reconciliation With Femi Okunuga » 23rd Nov; 2014

IMG_0617.JPGFemi Okunuga & New Birth Presents RECONCILIATION


Venue: RCCG Dominion Cathedral, 11th Road, 3rd Avenue Gowon Estate

Date: Sunday, 23rd November, 2014

Time: 4pm

Guest Ministers: Efe Nathan, Seyi Alesh, Funke Akinokun, Gideon Gold, Odunayo Aboderin, Princess and Ife Odoginyon.

Night Of Miracles | National Stadium Lagos | Nov 14, 2014


After four successful, testimony-filled, yoke-breaking programmes, Peculiar Ministry International invites you to a special event coming up at the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos on Friday, November 14, 2014.

Themed, “Miracle Night”, Miracle Night is an annual programme which came into existence as a result of the mandate that the Lord gave to the his servant, Prophet JK Hephzibah to reach out to souls, set captives free etc.

The programme will feature soul-lifting praise&worship sessions, ministrations from prolific men of God such as Bishop Jonathan, Apostle Sharon Berry (USA) etc amongst others.

Venue: National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos

Date: November 14, 2014

Time: 9:00pm

Host: Prophet J.K Hephzibah (Baba Peculiar)

The Mercy of God transcends judgement. Don’t miss out!

The Power Of One #1G1V

IMG_0608.JPGThere is something very powerful about the principle of harmony, unity and acting in one accord. Throughout history, we have seen its indelible mark. Throughout the bible as well, we see countless instances of unity and the power it packs. It actually cuts right through the bible. It speaks of how coming together can achieve absolutely anything. Unity always translates to strength. The bible says “behold, how and good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity, it is like the oil which runs down Aaron’s head down to his beard… (Ps 133: 1-3).” Even with the Godhead, unity remains a central theme, where God the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit exist and operate as one indivisible whole. Consider the creation story, when God was ready to craft His single most powerful and important creation. How did He go about it? He said, let US make man in OUR own image (Gen 1:26). Surely, this demonstrates power of unity, the power of one and oneness cannot be overemphasized.

There are many more instances in the bible, of oneness and the power it promises for man. Most notably, the Tower of Babel (Gen 11: 1-9) where men came together and even God had to say “the people is one”. This is the strongest indication yet, of the power of unity. Again, recall the wall of Jericho (Josh 6:1-20), where God instructed the Children of Israel to circle the city for seven days, and on the seventh day, raise a united shout seven times….we all know how that story ended (Josh 6:20).

Unity speaks of the possibilities which abound when men come together in one accord, the monumental results that can be achieved through singularity of purpose and the historic victories that can be gained in unity, while backed by the one true God.

Applying the same principle, “The Experience Lagos” leverages the immense power of unity, as an army of over 500,000 worshipers gather together in a super-charged atmosphere of pure and unblemished worship, raising joyful sacrifices of praise, in One voice to the One true God who is able to heal, save and deliver. Without a shadow of doubt, it is an atmosphere where His presence, power and glory will rest mightily. In this light, The Experience represents an unmissable opportunity to cry unto Jehovah Shammah, that He may spare and heal our land, cause positive change in our collective fortunes, and reign supreme in all that we are and all that we own.

The Experience is a night of worship and supplication to our King, where Christians come together irrespective of race, creed or denomination, to offer praises to One God, on One night, with One heart and One voice.

Gosporella FM Set To Host ‘Open House Day’

Gosporella International and her collaborators cordially invite you to the official OPEN HOUSE DAY of gosporella.fm.

Date: Friday, 10th October, 2014

Venue: No 7, Iyala Street, Beside Shoprite, Alausa, Ikeja

Time: 12 noon prompt.

Celeb Hosts: Nikki Laoye & Charles Granville.

Supported by: Encomium Weekly, Nigezie, HIPtv, KAtv, Waholaa Media, Red Ark, Yes! Magazine, GospoGroove Entertainment, X2D, Bola Mogaji Inc. and Chills24.com.

Outreach Magazine Names Largest Church In America And It’s Not Who You May Think

IMG_0461-0.JPGA new list published in Outreach Magazine names Andy Stanley’s North Point Ministries as the largest church in America. As exciting as this designation may be, Stanley is already focused on the next best thing, fostering the next generation of church leaders.

In an essay for Outreach Magazine, Stanley explained “One of my favorite quotes that sits on my shelf in my office is from Al Ries in a marketing book called Focus. He says, ‘The next -generation product never comes from the previous generation.’ His point is, whatever’s next is going to be created by the next generation.”

IMG_0462-0.JPGAndy Stanley

Stanley says he is on a hunt for future leaders. “Our job now is to continue to invest in the 30-something men and women who are the age we were when we started. We need to keep our ear to the ground, and we need to look at who’s messing with the rules around the edges and invest in them.”

Stanley first got his start as a young, culturally relevant minister from his father Atlanta televangelist Charles Stanley. Now his Alpharetta church boasts eight campuses which drew over 70,000 people Easter Sunday 2014.

Stanley recognizes that while he may have been the “it” preacher of his time, there’s a time coming when he will have to pass the baton. “We should not create a model or a vision or an approach to ministry on the assumption that because we figured it out in the late ’80s, we’re going to figure it out in the 2000s.” Referring to the old guard, Stanley said “We’re done. We’re here to facilitate the success of this generation.”