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God is still working at the supernatural beyond the understanding of man. Just as He parted the Red Sea,  He is still doing wonders. He reminds us that by strength shall no man prevail.

Mystery, A river that flows through under Bagar bridge at kara along Lagos Ibadan turn to land where grass grew overnight..
I was ther.. I saw it, still in shock.

End time think!!!


love one another as we loved our self

IMG_0473.JPGWarning! Warning! Warning!

To those with inner hears!
This is a warning to the world that RAPTURE has started but not in a way the world expect it to take place, according to the bible…God instructed us to love one another as we loved our self.

IMG_0475.JPGIts was reviewed to this humble man what has began n prompt him 2 give a warning 2 those that are closest to him, we will be judged according to our deeds so now it was reviewed that we should not hold any fight against our self and forgiveness should be given to anybody that offended us. Before is too last. Am one of his brother and now am sharing this with you cause u are close to me. Rapture has started but not in a way we all expected it!!! Be warned! This is not a joking matter…be part of the gospel evangelism. You will be asked why u haven’t informed your friends when u heard about the gospel (news)! Be warned before is too late. FreshSwag said so.