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what a stranger asked 2baba’s son, Nino reveals..

Nino revealed what a stranger asked of him.

Celebrities may be burdened with constantly living under the spotlight but as it turns out, so are their children.

The celebrity life is considered a glamorous one filled with so many opportunities and having certain privileges. Proving this point to be true is Tonto Dikeh who recently received the sum of N5m from an unknown person, probably a fan too.

However, as wonderful as it sounds, being famous also has its downsides, not just for the the celebrity but his or her family. Just recently, one of 2baba’s sons, Nino, took to social media to reveal his weird encounter with a stranger.

The 12-year-old took to his Instagram story to write: “AT THE GTB FAIR TODAY, SOMEONE WALKED UP TO ME AND ASKED ME TO GIVE HIM MY DAD’S NUMBER REALLY?”

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2Face Idibia’s son, Zion reveals what a stranger asked from him recently
Nino’s post on Instagram Source: Instagram/ninoidibia

Whatever the intention of the stranger was, he clearly was not in luck as Nino didn’t sound like he yielded to the intrusive request.

Living under the spotlight perhaps, isn’t the easiest for celebrity children like himself whose father is considered a music legend in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

https://www.instagram.com/p/Bd-38nenfH9/embed/captioned/?cr=1&v=7&wp=436&rd=cdn-af.op-mobile.opera.com#%7B%22ci%22%3A0%2C%22os%22%3A7703.865000000001%7DNino and his younger brother, Zion, are the two boys 2baba had with their mother, Sumbo Adeoye. Nino doesn’t only share a striking resemblance with his father, he is musically inclined as while his father sings, Nino plays the musical instrument.

Woman grows fingernails all over body instead of hair

Shanyna-Isom-condition4-550x819Doctors have managed to remove hard, spiny growths from follicles on her head (YouTube)

A young woman in Baltimore, US, has been suffering from a bizarre skin condition since 2009 that causes fingernails to grow from her hair follicles all over the body.

After a series of tests and treatment, doctors have no cure yet. In fact, according to medics treating her at Johns Hopkins Medical Centre in Baltimore, Shanyna Isom is the only person in the world to be suffering from this bizarre condition, reports odditycentral.com

Shanyna-Isom-condition-550x304Her woes started five years back, when she had a bad asthma attack. The then law student, Isom was rushed to the emergency room where she was administered steroids.

She reportedly developed an allergic reaction to the steroids and her skin began to itch uncontrollably. Her condition only worsened despite being given allergy drugs and Benadryl.

Her mother says, the ‘nails would grow so long and come out and regrow themselves’. “They are hard to touch and stick to you,” she added.

A series of tests including a bone marrow biopsy was done, but all remained inconclusive.

Now, doctors at Johns Hopkins Medical Centre say Isom produces 12 times the number of skin cells in each hair follicle. So instead of growing hair, the follicles were producing human nails. They suspected that it could be because of a vitamin deficiency, or because her skin wasn’t getting enough oxygen.

With the new treatment plan her condition has improved a bit. Through intensive treatment, they have managed to remove the hard, spiny growths from the follicles on her head.

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