General Merchandise

We treat our client like our bone… Efisiworld is one of the most reputable Trader and marketer in terms of services agency, offering trading and marketing communications solutions that go beyond advertising to help our clients create a larger share of the future.

We have been in business for over 15 years and in that period we have established a strong reputation for working with world class companies to implement… Major events, sales activations, telemarketing campaigns, product launches, merchandising plans especially supplying of goods and other Below-The-Line-Operations.

Internationally, we are part of  Worldwide with 48 offices in 35 countries. We also belong to the OMNICOM group, the second largest marketing holding group in the world.

In all we do, we stand for Integrity, Mutual Respect, Sense of Urgency, Team Work and Commitment to Continuous Improvement. With a sound pedigree and wealth of experience, your marketing problems are as good as solved.

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